iOS Ultrasurf VPN

We developed iOS Ultrasurf VPN that support all applications on your iPhone and iPad.

Please go to Apple Store to install:

Android Ultrasurf VPN

We developed Android Ultrasurf VPN that support all applications on your Android mobile devices. We are beta testing it.

It requires Andriod 4.1 and above.

Please go to Google Play Store to install:

Ultrasurf Chrome Extension

Please go to Chrome Store to install:

Ultrasurf (Windows Client)

Ultrasurf (Windows Client) is a free circumvention tool to provide users uncensored access to internet content through a secure, encrypted tunnel.

Ultrasurf runs on Microsoft Windows.

Download the zip file and extract the executable, no installation is required. Please verify the digital signature and the SHA256 signature before using it.

SHA256: 168e625c7eb51720f5ce1922aec6ad316b3aaca838bd864ee2bcdbd9b66171d0

To use, simply double click it, it will establish an encrypted secure tunnel to our servers. It will open our default browser.