Ultrasurf (Windows Client)

Ultrasurf (Windows Client) is a free software that enables users to visit websites safely and freely through a secure encrypted tunnel. It is a small file, and no installation is required.

Ultrasurf runs on Microsoft Windows. For your security, please install the latest Googhe Chrome.

Download the zip file and extract the executable, please verify the digital signature before using it. To use, simply double click it, it will establish an encrypted secure tunnel to our servers. It will open Google Chrome in incognito mode.

Ultrasurf Android VPN

We developed Ultrasurf Android VPN that support all applications on your Android mobile decives. We are beta testing it.

It requires Andriod 4.1 and above.

To Install

Search “Ultrasurf VPN” in Google Play Store on your mobile devidec, or open this link: Ultrasurf Android VPN


Ultrasurf Android VPN is designed to help users to bypass internet censorship and access content they cannot normally access. It transparently tunnels internet traffic in a secure encrypted tunnel, it does not manage or modify any data. If privacy is your primary concern, you may use privacy tools in combination with Ultrasurf.